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חמסה רימונים- קטנה- DOMAR ART

מבצעי פסח משלוח חינם עד הבית. חברת דומר מייצרת מוצרי קרמיקה ייחודיים ומיוחדים המאופיינים



Domar company manufactures unique  and special ceramic products that are characterized by the Mediterranean pastel and colors, 


 with pure gold and platinum touches that provide good luxury to the products.  


 all products are handmade one by one with great love and there are no two identical products.


 each product is accompanied by a "certificate of origin" and an exclusive signed by the creator artist.

Galia Gal Ben Sira was born and raised in israel at the foot of the Sea of Galilee,

    Galia has an art teacher degree with specialization in ceramics.


    Galia has over the years acquired unique techniques and skills  that combine ceramics with pure platinum or gold combination that unify the  piece product and give a great majesty beauty.


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חמסה רימונים- קטנה- DOMAR ART


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